Grade 8: Looking into Space


Content (from CAPS document)

Exam Guidelines

Suggested activities and investigations (from CAPS document)


Early viewing of space

  • People can see planets and stars in the night sky
  • Stars can be arranged into visible constellations
  • Different cultures have identified and named certain constellations
  • Some constellations have stories linked to them
  • Using star maps of the Southern Sky to identify a few easily recognizable constellations such as the Southern Cross, Orion and also the planets.
  •  Observing, recording and comparing the appearance of the Southern Cross constellation by viewing it at least three times during the months of September and October.


  • People can see more detail in the sky when they use a telescope
  • A telescope forms an image of the object and magnifies it
  • There are three different types of telescopes (Use INFORMATION ON TELESCOPES)
  • Good conditions for looking into space includes cloudless skies with limited light and air pollution
  • SA has many locations that meet these requirements
  • Drawing with labels to explain how a telescope works (any type of telescope).
  •  Presenting an information poster on a telescope, explaining how it is used and noting the information captured.
  •  Discussing the many opportunities in South Africa for careers in astronomy (not for assessment).